Thorough Defense of Immigrants Charged with Drug Crimes

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Drug charges are always serious. For an immigrant, however, a conviction can be catastrophic. Considered a crime of “moral turpitude,” a drug crime conviction can land you in prison or have you removed from the country, away from your family and loved ones. At the Nashville Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC, we understand exactly how serious a drug charge is, and what kind of consequences it could have on you. We answer all of your questions and keep you informed of the process from start to finish, so that you can retain control over your life.

What is a drug crime?

When we talk about “drug crimes,” we mean any indication that a person is involved with drugs in any way. In fact, you don’t even need to have drugs on you to be charged with a drug crime in Tennessee. The most common charges include:

  • Possessing a controlled substance
  • Manufacturing a controlled substance
  • Selling a controlled substance
  • Distributing a controlled substance
  • Possessing drug paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug fraud, distribution, or sales

In short, you may face a drug charge if an officer finds, for an extreme example, a set of scales, small plastic bags and wads of money in your house – even if there are no drugs there at the time.

Drug crimes and the removal process

An immigrant in the United States, whether seeking a path to citizenship or without documentation, faces another set of hurdles when charged with a drug-related crime. Almost every drug crime is grounds for removal – even if you are found not guilty. Under the law, a misdemeanor drug crime (such as possessing drug paraphernalia) could lead to deportation, and in some cases the charges alone are enough to start proceedings.

Because of the severity of the charges, it is crucial that you work with an attorney who understands and practices immigration law. Lead immigration attorney Perry A. Craft uses his experiences as a criminal defense attorney to inform how he builds a case, but understands that the laws surrounding immigrants are different. At our firm, we have an in-depth understanding of immigration statutes, and we know how the rules for immigrants facing drug charges can change at any time. We also understand how one piece of misinformation can have devastating effects on the life of a person who has made a mistake. That’s why we devote ourselves to offering you clear, concise counsel based on your individual needs.

You don’t have to face drug charges alone

Being charged with a crime is scary; you want an attorney who understands the particulars of your case and knows how to fight aggressively on your behalf. The Nashville Drug Crimes Attorney at Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC protects your rights and your future when you’re facing a drug charge. For more information, please call 615-953-3808 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.