Music and Entertainment Visas in Nashville, Tennessee

With the right visa, the show will go on for international musicians and artists

Nashville, Tennessee is home to the country’s greatest music scene. From the Grand Ole Opry to the Bridgestone Arena, “Music City” has some of the most sought-after venues in the world. Every artist, musician and athlete wants to come to Nashville at some point – and we understand why. But we also understand that the rules for those crossing more than just state lines can be complicated, and you may need some additional help to make your dreams come true.

At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC, we help artists of every medium put their talents on display. We have the skills and the resources to help international entertainers and the personnel who support them make their way to the stage. We’ve called Nashville our home for more than 40 years, and we’re prepared to help you fall in love with our town, too.

Who you are determines the visa you need

Entertainers are subject to the same immigration laws as any other temporary or permanent workers, in that a visa is required for almost any foreign musician, athlete or artist. The most common visa will include:

  • O visas. The O-1 visa is granted to an artist of “extraordinary ability,” though it can apply to non-artists as well. If you can prove significant achievement in your field – a Grammy, an Oscar, a World championship ring or trophy – you may qualify for an O-1. Your family may also apply through an O-3, and members of your production team, band, and so forth may apply for an O-2. The visas are valid for up to three years but may be renewed indefinitely in one-year increments.
  • H-1 visas. Artists and musicians need technical personnel to help them create their work. The H-1B specialty visa allows your sound engineers and lighting specialists to travel with you.
  • TN visas. For our neighbors to the North and South, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (NAFTA) allows performers and their team to work in the U.S., provided the employer is a U.S. citizen. Spouses and children may accompany you to Nashville but are prohibited from working under your TN visa.
  • P visas. These are specialty visas with very stringent rules and regulations. If you are part of a “culturally unique” group or an international band, you may be eligible for a P visa. Athletes are also eligible when they prove “international recognition.” These are largely short-term options, however, and we may not recommend a P visa if you plan on staying in Nashville for a while.
  • Q visas. Like P visas, these apply only in very specific circumstances, and are only available for up to 15 months. Q visas allow foreign performers to work for American employers only when the goal is to participate “in an international cultural exchange program.” The so-called “Disney visa” is a rarely used option here in Nashville and requires the help of a dedicated immigration attorney like Perry A. Craft.

Whether you’re on a world tour to promote your new album or an exhibition team playing for charity, we can help you get settled quickly. Attorney Perry A. Craft offers practical, sound guidance about which visa is best for you and your family. He creates strategies for non-citizens seeking temporary residence, and can assist you through the naturalization process, should you decide to make Tennessee your permanent home. At our firm, you always find the practical and emotional support you need for your next great performance.

Making the move to Music City is easier with a dedicated immigration attorney

At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC, your art and your work are important. We offer you professional guidance in a discreet setting designed to remove the stresses associated with immigration. To speak with Attorney Craft about your legal needs, call 615-953-3808 or fill out our convenient contact form and book a consultation today.