Personal Injury

Regardless of Your Immigration Status, You Have Rights When It Comes to Being Injured

A serious injury, such as an auto accident or a truck accident, can have long-term consequences for a victim. But for the thousands of immigrants who come to Tennessee each year, the results can seem even more overwhelming. Immigrants or undocumented workers face special considerations when they’re injured.

At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC, we know that you’re scared. We know that you’re hurt. And we know we can help. Immigration lawyer Perry A. Craft has an extensive background handling personal injury cases in Tennessee, and he puts that experience to work for you. You don’t have to be afraid to come to us if you’ve been injured. At our firm, you work with an attorney and staff who are on your side, no matter what.

The basics of a personal injury lawsuit

If you were injured by another person’s negligence, you can sue for compensation. Attorney Craft listens to your side of the story, and then works with you and, when necessary, field experts –  such as accident reconstructionists, law enforcement officials and doctors – to build a case against the person or product that injured you.

How you were injured determines how the case is built. If you were injured while working, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. If you were injured because of another person’s negligence, such as being hit by a car, you can file a suit to reclaim your lost wages, or to pay for your medical bills. Regardless of how you were hurt, we can protect your rights.

Speak with a trusted Tennessee immigration attorney about your injury

The Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC stands by immigrants and undocumented workers who have been hurt. We explain your options and offer you honest, practical advice about how to move forward. Call 615-953-3808 or fill out our convenient contact form to schedule a free initial consultation with Attorney Craft.