Aug 2, 2016

The New and Improved Military Lending Act

By |Aug 2, 2016|Dangers, News, Safety|

Congress and the Department of Defense (DOD) have enacted laws and regulations, particularly the Military Lending Act (MLA), that protect military personnel and their families from unscrupulous lenders and individuals who provide credit to them.  While soldiers, sailors, and marines are trained for combat and military operations, relatively few have been schooled in dealing […]

Dec 18, 2015

Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe this Holiday Season

By |Dec 18, 2015|Safety|

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you might find yourself rushing around to get some last-minute shopping done. Even if you managed to avoid the “Black Friday” rush, you might still be at risk of suffering an injury or becoming a victim of identity fraud. To make your shopping experiences as pleasant […]

Jun 13, 2015

Help for Bonnaroo Travelers Facing Charges After an Interdiction Stop

By |Jun 13, 2015|Criminal Charges, Drug Crimes, DUI, News, Safety|

When law enforcement officials believe a person is smuggling weapons, illegal drugs and/or other kinds of contraband in the car, those officers have the right to conduct an interdiction stop. This stop allows officers to pull over a “suspicious” looking car; then, the officer will likely look for anything out-of-place within the car, such […]

Apr 6, 2015

Being Arrested: How to Avoid It and What Happens Afterwards

By |Apr 6, 2015|Criminal Charges, DUI, Safety|

Congress and state legislatures regularly pass laws that often make certain acts a crime or increase the penalties for violations. These laws apply to citizens and immigrants. The police, the sheriff, state troopers, drug task force members, park rangers, FBI agents, DEA agents, ICE agents, and agents in numerous other agencies have the power […]

Mar 16, 2015

Suicides, Lawsuits, and Petitions: The Results of Bullying in Schools

By |Mar 16, 2015|Dangers, News, Safety|

Bullying is not a thing of the past; it is real and continues today. Just ask the parents and friends of four youths who were bullied and when they could no longer tolerate it, the youths committed suicide. Bullying occurs in cities, towns, and rural areas across the nation.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported […]

Feb 27, 2015

The Dangers of Roadside Debris

By |Feb 27, 2015|Dangers, Safety|

Every driver should stay alert, focused, drive defensively, and be aware of the dangers on the road. A significant danger on the road that does not receive much attention is roadside debris, but drivers should take note. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a driver encounters roadside debris: tires, pieces of tires, particularly large pieces of tires […]

Feb 13, 2015

Gifted Education

By |Feb 13, 2015|News, Safety|

Education is important in American society, and from pre-school through twelfth-grade, there are three types of educational programming: regular education, special education, and gifted education. This post explains “gifted education.”

Currently, there are no uniform standards for gifted education in all situations, and the makeup of gifted education differs from state to state. However, the […]

Jan 30, 2015

What to do When Injured by a Big Commercial Truck

By |Jan 30, 2015|Safety, Traffic Violations|

Vehicular wrecks involving large trucks occur frequently. They are far deadlier or involve serious injuries than wrecks involving just cars. Factors such as bad weather, driver error, and vehicle trouble lead to truck accidents.

But what do you do when you are in a truck accident?

Seek immediate medical care, even if you think your injuries […]

Jan 18, 2015

What Do You Do When You Are in a Bus Wreck?

By |Jan 18, 2015|Safety|

Some people feel safer on a bus than they do in a car; however, buses are not necessarily safer than cars. Though buses have benefits for travelers, many of them lack safety features such as airbags and seat belts. A respected publication,, reports that vehicular accidents involving buses happen almost weekly in America […]

Jan 10, 2015

CIA: Practitioners of Torture?

By |Jan 10, 2015|Dangers, News, Safety|

In 1947, Congress created the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) to coordinate and centralize all the intelligence agencies and branches of the United States. The CIA’s goal is to preserve and protect the freedoms of Americans. For some time, the press has scrutinized the CIA. Lately, critics contend that the agency tortured prisoners, but CIA […]

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