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Nov 21, 2018

Defenses to RICO Charges

By |Nov 21, 2018|Criminal Charges|0 Comments|

“RICO” is an abbreviation for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The original purpose of the law, enacted in 1970, was to prosecute the Mafia, a then highly organized Italian-American criminal society. Prosecutors however have broadly used RICO to prosecute organized crime at its roots, with the goal of shutting down entire criminal […]

Oct 31, 2018

How Do Jury Challenges Work in Tennessee Criminal Cases?

By |Oct 31, 2018|Criminal Charges|0 Comments|

Jury selection is one of the most important parts of any criminal case. Criminal defense lawyers fight to include jurors who will not automatically assume the police officer is credible and that the State or government witnesses must be telling the truth. The Judge instructs the jury that any reasonable doubt means they must […]

Oct 17, 2018

Undocumented Sponsors of Immigrant Children Are Being Arrested by ICE

By |Oct 17, 2018|Immigration|0 Comments|

The immigration concerns for undocumented immigrants are now extending to sponsors for undocumented children. According to Vice News, Matthew Albence, an official for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), stated recently that there is a new joint memo between ICE and the US Department of Health and Human Services. That memo is an agreement, […]

Sep 19, 2018

Common Defenses in Drug Possession Cases

By |Sep 19, 2018|Criminal Charges|0 Comments|

If you are charged with drug possession, the government has the burden of proving you were in possession of drugs beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant does not have to prove he/she was not in possession of the illegal drugs. Anyone charged with possession of illegal narcotics has the right to hold the government […]

Sep 6, 2018

Credible Fear vs. Reasonable Fear in Asylum Immigration Cases

By |Sep 6, 2018|Immigration|0 Comments|

According to the American Immigration Council, non-citizens who are either discovered by, or appear before, a U.S. official “at a port of entry or near the border can be deported quickly in an ‘expedited removal’ process.” The United States is required to comply with domestic and international laws which gives asylum seekers the right […]

Aug 16, 2018

The Right of Defendants to Confront Witnesses

By |Aug 16, 2018|Criminal Charges|0 Comments|

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides rights for those accused of a crime. These rights include the right of the accused “to be confronted with the witnesses against him…” This part of the Amendment is known at the “confrontation” clause. It generally means that someone accused of a crime can cross-examine any […]

Aug 6, 2018

Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

By |Aug 6, 2018|Sexual Harassment|0 Comments|

The terms “sex-based discrimination” and “sexual harassment” carry legal significance.

Sex discrimination occurs when one or more people are discriminated against on the basis of sex or gender. Examples of sex discrimination include men and women working under different conditions, earning unequal pay, and facing different hiring and promotion requirements.

Sexual harassment occurs when one or […]

Aug 1, 2018

Tennessee Crime Rates Increased in 2017

By |Aug 1, 2018|Criminal Charges|0 Comments|

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has had a crime reporting system in place for the last 15 years. The Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System, or TIBRS, allows law enforcement departments throughout the state to submit data, which can then be compiled more easily and quickly to give the departments better insights into crime rates. […]

Jul 25, 2018

“Unconstitutionally Vague” – What the Supreme Court Decision about Deportation Means

By |Jul 25, 2018|Immigration|0 Comments|

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the mandatory deportation of immigrants who commit certain “crimes of violence” was unconstitutionally vague, and therefore that provision of the law was invalid. The Court’s 5-4 decision on Sessions v. Dimaya will almost certainly affect how deportation proceedings move forward in certain cases.

At least […]

Apr 25, 2018

How the Immigration Picture is Changing in the County

By |Apr 25, 2018|Immigration|0 Comments|

President Trump has substantially expanded the leeway federal immigration officers have to aggressively enforce the country’s immigration laws. The Obama administration deported some 2.7 million people over an eight-year period, but then the focus was on recent immigrants detained at the border and undocumented individuals who were convicted of serious crimes. The previous administration […]

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