Jul 8, 2020

Tennessee Supreme Court Gives Self-Defense Question to Judges, Not Juries

By |Jul 8, 2020|Criminal Charges|

The Tennessee Supreme Court answered a question recently self-defense instructions to a jury: Does the jury have an automatic right to hear the issue of self-defense, or can the judge assess whether the defendant fairly raised the issue of self-defense – before instructing the jury on self-defense? In other words, does the defendant have […]

Jun 24, 2020

Protective Steps Businesses Should Consider during Reopening

By |Jun 24, 2020|Covid-19|

As they reopen after the mandated COVID-19 lockdowns, businesses should consider what precautions to take to reduce the risk of lawsuits filed against them. Generally, customers and visitors to retail stores, professional businesses, and even non-profit businesses can file a claim against the property owners for negligence or for those injuries caused by careless […]

Jun 10, 2020

Why You Want to Hire a Lawyer to Write and Review Business Contracts

By |Jun 10, 2020|Family Law|

If you are thinking of starting a business, there are legal pitfalls and traps you should avoid. Find an experienced and trusted business attorney to write and review the contracts for your business. If you sell goods or services to the general public, your form contracts should specify the goods to be sold and […]

May 28, 2020

Franchise Realities

By |May 28, 2020|Franchise|

There are numerous franchising opportunities, but a potential buyer of a franchisee must be beware and vigilant before buying a franchisee. Know what you are buying and know your obligations on the front end. Too often, a franchisee learns about critical and expensive obligations only after entering a franchise contract. Know this: A franchisor […]

May 13, 2020

Basics of a Buy-Sell Agreement

By |May 13, 2020|Business Law|

Businesses need a plan for events beyond their control. This includes the death of owners in a business, the divorce of key personnel, an accident that causes an owner to become incapacitated, or other contingencies. When these events happen, the other owners and interested personnel in the business need to ensure their ownership interests […]

Apr 29, 2020

Is “Verbal Assault” Illegal?

By |Apr 29, 2020|Criminal Charges|

In a workplace environment, “verbal assault,” or simply just saying mean or unkind remarks, may be grounds for disciplinary actions or a harassment lawsuit, but the same is not necessarily true when it comes to criminal charges. There is no such crime as “verbal assault.” However, physical assault is a crime.  Threatening physical harm […]

Mar 25, 2020

Due Process Hearings after IEP Meetings

By |Mar 25, 2020|Legal Matters|

In the state of Tennessee, the law recognizes that students with disabilities are unique; no one is the same. As a result, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is supposed to ensure that each student with a disability has support, assistance, and much more that best suit his or her needs; one-fits-all programs and policies […]

Dec 18, 2019

Common Issues in Many Criminal Cases

By |Dec 18, 2019|Criminal Charges|

We believe that no innocent person should be convicted or forced to plead to charges when he or she is innocent, or the State or federal government tries to punish a person too harshly.

We believe that too many innocent men and women are jailed and that too often, the punishment does not fit the […]

Dec 4, 2019

Alcohol Breathalyzer Machines Are Defective

By |Dec 4, 2019|DUI|

Anyone arrested for a DUI knows the police may ask you to submit to a few field sobriety tasks, not tests. If you fail these tasks or the officer has other reasons to think you’re intoxicated, the officer will ask you to submit to a breath test. The test requires you to breathe into […]

Oct 30, 2019

Why You Need A Business Attorney if Accused of Unfair Trade Practices

By |Oct 30, 2019|Business Law|

Businesses that fail to comply with federal and state laws that are designed to protect consumers and to ensure fair competition can be subject to lawsuits. These claims can be filed by the State Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or by lawyers on behalf of consumers and competitors. Unfair or deceptive trade […]

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