Laws Affecting the 2023-2024 Tennessee School Year

Laws Affecting the 2023-2024 Tennessee School YearSeveral laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly affect students in this school year. Here is a brief overview of them.

Assistance for deaf students

HB0435/SB0004 created a “deaf mentor and parent advisor program to assist families in implementing bilingual and bicultural home-based programming for children who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind.” The goal is to prevent learning gaps, ensure equal access, and give these children a mentor/role model.

Course credit for high school students

Under HB0962/SB0838, schools can award high school students credit for a course if the student earns a “qualifying score” on the course’s final exam without requiring the student to enroll in the class. A student can earn up to four graduation credits from separate exams.

Sports safety requirements

Bill HB0457/SB0773 encourages “coaches of school athletic activities to annually complete training in physical conditioning and training equipment use and to rehearse an emergency action plan, which includes” participating in a concussion and head injury and safety program, and receiving training in CPR and related activities.

Corporal punishment changes

HB0995/SB0972 prohibits using corporal punishment on a student with a disability. In addition, teachers are required to take a certain action (and document them) before administering corporal punishment.

Teaching licenses for veterans

HB0786/SB0724, veterans can receive an occupational teacher’s license or temporary permit to teach in an unfilled position. Veterans must have a high school diploma, possess military training or related experience, and complete a certification.

Prohibiting “implicit bias training”

HB0158/SB0102 prevents “local education agencies, public charter schools, public institutions of higher education, the state board of education and the department of education from requiring teachers or other faculty members to complete ‘implicit bias training.’” The law also prohibits employers from retaliation if an employee refuses to participate in implicit bias training.

Immunization requirements for home-schooled students

HB0252/SB0644 removes the requirements for immunization of home-schooled students, as well as “receipt of health services or examinations generally required by law to the local education agency.” However, if a student wants to participate in extracurricular activities, proof that the student has received the proper health services can be required.

Selling “obscene matter” to schools

This law, HB0841/SB1059, makes it a felony “for a book publisher, distributor or seller to knowingly sell or distribute ‘obscene matter’ to a public school serving any of the grades K-12. A Class E felony carries a sentence of one to six years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $3,000.” Per the bill, “a person who violates this amendment’s prohibition will additionally be fined at least $10,000, but not more than $100,000.”

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