Undocumented Sponsors of Immigrant Children Are Being Arrested by ICE

Undocumented Sponsors of Immigrant Children Are Being Arrested by ICEThe immigration concerns for undocumented immigrants are now extending to sponsors for undocumented children. According to Vice News, Matthew Albence, an official for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), stated recently that there is a new joint memo between ICE and the US Department of Health and Human Services. That memo is an agreement, backed by President Trump’s administration, that prospective sponsors for immigrant children will be subject to background checks and to fingerprinting.

A recent join memo is making it harder for sponsors to volunteer their care and homes to migrant children

The memo allows for new checks that target sponsors for immigration violations in addition to criminal violations. Albence claims that close to four out of five of all sponsors (including household members of potential sponsors) are in the United States illegally. Albence claims many of those illegal immigrant sponsors are “criminal aliens.”

Some sponsors are now being arrested for immigration violations. Mr. Albence claimed that since the memo was prepared, 41 potential sponsors have been arrested. The new story claims that CNN did a subsequent study on those arrested since the memo. CNN determined that 70% of the arrests were for immigration violations. More precisely, 29 of the 41 arrests were for violations that were not typical criminal offenses. The arrests were categorized as “administrative.” Twelve of the arrests were deemed “criminal arrests.”

The Trump administration claimed that the memo was necessary to prevent parents who did not have proper documentation from sending their children in the United States “unaccompanied across the southern border.” The administration claims the memo is also needed to ensure that children are being placed with families that can properly protect the children when they do enter the United States.

Those opposed to the memo – civil rights advocates and immigration advocates – claim that the new policy will reduce the willingness of sponsors to accept and provide for immigrant children. The net result of the memo, these advocates argue, is to force children who enter this country to stay in the government-run shelters. The shelters have been the subject of much protest and concern because of the real or perceived lack of quality care they provide children.

Immigration and civil rights advocates also worry that the policy set forth in the memo will adversely affect the ability and willingness of parents to step up and claim their children. This chilling effect will make it harder for migrant parents and their children to reunite.

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