How Driving Under The Influence Can Affect Your Immigration Status

How Driving Under The Influence Can Affect Your Immigration StatusDriving under the influence in Tennessee can have serious consequences for anyone; fines can range into thousands of dollars for a first offense, and the court can compel costly programs. If the crime resulted in injuries or worse, the consequences can be even harsher. ­­In all circumstances, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced Nashville immigration attorney like Perry A. Craft to fight the charges. When a non-citizen is charged with DUI, the circumstances can have a major impact on whether that charge can result in deportation.

Does a DUI definitely mean deportation?

No one is automatically deported when charged with a DUI – but that does not mean that a DUI will not lead to removal from the country. The courts consider many factors, including the level of impairment when charged and the amount and extent of the resulting damages or injuries, if any. The court may also consider whether the DUI constituted a “crime involving moral turpitude.” A first offense DUI in Tennessee with no injuries or damage should not fall under that definition if there were no aggravating factors.

Generally speaking, the term “aggravating factors” covers a wide range of circumstances. While the court generally considers the big picture, something as small as an expired insurance policy can be considered an aggravating factor. When major property damage, injuries or death is involved, it is vital to contact an experienced Nashville immigration DUI attorney immediately.

Know your rights

If your DUI was a first offense with no injuries and no aggravating factors, you may still be approached an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. Remember that you have rights regardless of any charges against you, including:

  • The right to speak with an immigration attorney.
  • The right not to answer any questions posed by any official without a lawyer present.
  • The right to request a bond hearing.
  • The right not to sign any paperwork without reviewing it with your lawyer first.

If you or your loved one is charged with drunk driving, always consult with a Nashville immigration attorney. Attorney Perry A. Craft has decades of experience in the area of criminal defense, and will put that experience to work for you if you are an immigrant who has been charged with a DUI. The Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC fights for Tennessee immigrants charged with DUI and other crimes; our experienced attorneys can evaluate your case and fight for you. When you’re worried that a crime will separate you from your family, call us at 615-953-3808 or contact us today.

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