PaseLaVoz Helps Undocumented Immigrants Avoid Police Checkpoints

Many immigrants constantly fear deportation. Now that a Texas judge forced President Obama to delay his immigration reform, that fear of removal may grow even stronger.

One service, PaseLaVoz, has offered part of a solution. Created by David Iberkleid, PaseLaVoz is a “text-message-based peer-to-peer network that subscribers use to notify one another about the precise location of checkpoints, allowing them to avoid encounters with law enforcement and possible deportation.” With more than half a million subscribers and 900 new sign-ups a day, the network helps immigrants throughout the country stay out of the line of sight of local law enforcement officials. It is especially telling that so many people have chosen to voluntarily contribute to building the site.

It is 100% free for subscribers who receive updates only for their own zip codes, but additional zip codes cost a bit more, or you can subscribe for updates throughout the entire county for $3.99 a month.

No repercussions to date

So far, PaseLaVoz has avoided the same problems as the Google app Waze, which also allowed users to report police sightings. Law enforcement requested that Waze be disabled because it could allow criminals to fined and target police officers directly. David Iberkleid admits that users could use the network to commit more serious crimes in areas without a police presence, but also believe that the benefits of his network outweigh any potential problems.

Furthermore, many local and state law enforcement officials do not seem to take issue with the network. When “nearly a dozen local police and sheriff’s departments in areas where PaseLaVoz is popular were asked about the network, most] were not aware of the service, while others were simply resigned to it and others like it.”

Immigration policies have our country up in arms, but immigrants and their advocates have not sat on their hands. Networks and social media programs – like PaseLaVoz – offer families in Tennessee and throughout the country the means to protect themselves and keep their families together. If you have questions about immigration policies, fight removal, or wish to seek a path to citizenship, please contact Nashville immigration attorney Perry A. Craft to schedule an appointment.

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