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Feb 20, 2017

Attorney Perry Craft Speaks to Lawyers and Files Constitutional Lawsuits

By |Feb 20, 2017|Legal Matters|

Annually, for the last several years, Attorney Perry A. Craft has read and studied the decisions of the United States Supreme Court and then given speeches or lectures to lawyers about them. In every Supreme Court Term, the high Court writes decisions interpreting the Constitution and other laws. The Supreme Court has the final […]

Dec 16, 2016

Donald Trump and Kris Kobach: Immigration Law and Enforcement

By |Dec 16, 2016|Immigration|

In November 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. His four-year term as President begins in January 2017.  When campaigning for the Presidency, Mr. Trump repeatedly pledged to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. and to make Mexico pay for it; furthermore, he took a hard line on immigration, […]

Dec 6, 2016

Criminal Convictions and Student Loans

By |Dec 6, 2016|Criminal Charges, Education|

While many colleges and programs provide assistance for earning college degrees or learning trades, colleges and trade schools are not cheap.  Even with scholarships and grants, students face financial difficulties and challenges.  To finance their education, most students apply for and receive loans or financial assistance from state and federal governments; however, students with […]

Apr 25, 2016

Are Prison Sentences Too Long and Too Harsh?

By |Apr 25, 2016|Criminal Charges|

In America, individuals caught breaking the law are arrested, charged, and then prosecuted.  If they are convicted or if they plead guilty, lawbreakers are subject to fines and incarceration, or spending time in jail or prison.

The rationale for sending those convicted of crimes to jail or prison is to deter them and others from […]

Apr 21, 2016

Miranda Rights: The Reality

By |Apr 21, 2016|Criminal Charges|

In the United States, citizens and non-citizens alike have rights guaranteed and protected by the United States Constitution. In the criminal justice system, one set of Constitutionally-protected rights is known as “Miranda rights.”

Miranda rights were announced by the United States Supreme Court fifty years ago in the case of Ernesto Miranda versus the State […]

Dec 21, 2015

Gas Problems at Mapco

By |Dec 21, 2015|Uncategorized|

Cars, trucks, and SUVs are necessities in America.  They are expensive to buy, maintain, and run.  Most vehicles require regular gasoline fill-ups.  Most of the time, citizens do not experience problems with the gasoline at gas stations. Nevertheless, problems with bad gasoline do occur.

Recently, a Tennessee driver experienced a major problem with her car […]

Nov 11, 2015

Why Do You Need a Will?

By |Nov 11, 2015|Legal Matters|

Death is inevitable.  Your death will be an emotional and chaotic time for your loved ones.  In order to avoid conflict and confusion regarding the disposition of your money and property you leave (who receives what), have a will.  A last will and testament (hereafter referred to as a “will”) is a legally binding […]

Oct 30, 2015

Making Sure that Your I-140 Forms Go to Where They Should Go

By |Oct 30, 2015|Immigration|

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services frequently updates the “news” section of its  website to help immigrants keep track of changes in the law and to offer helpful information. If you are relatively new to the process, however, it can be a little tricky to figure out the meaning of these announcements and bulletins. Because […]

May 9, 2015

Federal Agents Crack Down on Birth Tourism and Maternity Hotels

By |May 9, 2015|Immigration|

Birth tourism is a burgeoning industry where pregnant women from other countries travel to the United States for the purpose of giving birth. These women are eager to take advantage of the fact that a child born in the U.S. automatically is a U.S. citizen and entitled to the benefits that come with it.

Wealthy […]

Apr 27, 2015

Tips for Returning to the U.S. After International Travel with a Green Card

By |Apr 27, 2015|Green Card, Immigration|

The law gives holders of a green card (Lawful Permanent Resident or LPR) holders certain rights and privileges. A green card holder has the privilege of traveling abroad and returning to the United States.  When traveling internationally, a green card holder must carry his or her passport from your home country and a valid, […]

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