Recovering Personal PropertyYour personal property is not always safe or secure; it can be stolen or seized. Fortunately, in the state of Tennessee and elsewhere in the United States, the law allows you to reclaim or recover your personal property.

Under the law, personal property is physical, transferable, tangible items, such as vehicles, shirts, computers, and toys. The law also considers intangible assets, such as stocks and trust funds, personal property.

The law requires that you file an action or petition, stating that you wish to recover your personal property, with the court. You may not be able to recover your personal property immediately, but you will get your personal property back eventually.

If you need to retrieve your personal property immediately, you can ask the police for help.  However, the police cannot help you retrieve your personal property if there is an ownership dispute between you and another person. The law requires that ownership disputes are heard and resolved in court.

Recovering personal property does not always concern just one individual; sometimes, it can concern two or more parties. Recovering personal property may concern individuals, government entities, and/or businesses and often involves one or more parties filing a lawsuit.

Regardless of how personal property is recovered or who the recovery of personal property concerns, a person must show that he or she is the owner of the personal property in question.  Often, there are conflicting claims of ownership.

If you have questions or concerns about personal property, recovering personal property, and/or related matters, you should talk to a lawyer. To learn more, to have your questions answered, and to have your concerns addressed, contact Nashville Attorney Perry A. Craft.