Perry A. Craft was invited to speak at a program for lawyers and business professionals in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Craft accepted the invitation, and on December 19, 2018, he gave two presentations. He first spoke about principles governing, and pitfalls related to, contracts; he then delivered a speech about the law relating to covenants not to compete from the perspective of the employer and the employee, and in connection with the sale of a business.

Mr. Craft will next speak in California in February 2019 for a program sponsored by the Tennessee Bar Association. There, he will present an update on the latest decisions of the United States Supreme Court; developments in that Court; the likely effect or effect to-date of the newest two Justices, Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch; analyze the Court’s trends; and highlight upcoming significant cases. For several years, Mr. Craft has made formal presentations to lawyers about the Supreme Court and its opinions.

If you are interested in having Mr. Craft speak to your organization, please call 615 239 1899, or fill out the firm’s contact form.