Cars, trucks, SUVs, buses, and other vehicles are extremely important.  We drive them to work, to school, to errands, to the hospital, to visits with relatives, and more.  The public often refers to cars, SUVs, or trucks with defects or serious problems as “lemons.”  Under Tennessee’s Lemon Law, however, a “lemon” is a new vehicle with a serious defect or problem that significantly affects the vehicle’s effectiveness and cannot be corrected after three attempts by the manufacturer. Also under Tennessee’s Lemon Law, a “lemon” is a new vehicle that has been in the dealer’s repair shop for a month, but the dealer cannot fix or resolve the problem.

Know: Tennessee Lemon Law only applies to new vehicles, regardless of whether they were purchased or leased.  Although used vehicles with defects or problems are often called “lemons,” Tennessee Lemon Law does not cover them. However, the law often provides remedies for buyers or lessees of used cars.

If you have a “lemon,” you must follow Tennessee Lemon Law’s requirements.  These requirements include sending the manufacturer a written notice of your vehicle’s defect or problem via certified mail.  The manufacturer then has ten days to fix the problem, or under Tennessee Lemon Law the manufacturer can be ordered to replace your vehicle with a new one and to pay damages and your attorney’s fees.

If you have a new vehicle with defects or problems, you have realistic and practical options under the law.  Thus, if you have a “lemon” or have questions or concerns about Tennessee’s Lemon Law, contact Nashville Attorney Perry A. Craft.  Mr. Craft accepts Lemon Law cases in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and across the State of Tennessee.