President Trump’s Immigration Policies

In his presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump repeatedly told audiences that he would build a wall on the southern United States border, take a hard look at and block certain refugees from coming to the United States, and change immigration laws and policies.

In the first days of his Presidency, President Trump has begun efforts to start building the wall and signed an executive order banning refugees from seven countries.  As of now, the courts have put this executive order on hold, but the fight is not over, but rather far from it.

We will try to keep readers posted on major developments.

I believe, but do not know, that the President will continue to try to limit certain refugees or other immigrants from coming to the United States and make it more difficult for immigrants to obtain visas that allow them to work in this country.  His actions may affect other visa holders as well.

Therefore, I encourage immigrants to try to ensure that their visas are and remain up-to-date.  If they are trying to get loved ones admitted to the United States, they should not delay.

Businesses that hire immigrants should stay alert for developments and ensure that their employees’ visas are valid and have not expired.  If a business is trying to obtain a work visa for a prospective immigrant employee, the business should proceed with haste.  With the likely new changes coming to immigration law and policies, delay is not in a business’s or an immigrant’s interest.

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