We are thrilled to announce a recent success in Williamson County Court for our client Mr. Jackson. He faced multiple charges: two for aggravated stalking (felonies), one for coercion of a witness (a felony) and a misdemeanor charge for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. And why was he facing these charges?

Because he and his family live a naturist lifestyle in the privacy of their own home, the Jacksons don’t wear clothing. They eat, drink, sleep, swim, do chores and play games – the very same things we all do – in the nude. This practice, though perhaps a bit unorthodox to some people, is not illegal. You have the right to be naked in your own home, and you have the right to expect others to be respectful of your lifestyle choices while they are in your home.

The issue came to a full boil because of a young woman named A.J., who spent time with the Jacksons. A.J. has a very troubled past, but would swim, do chores and generally “hang out” with the Jacksons, and she did do in the buff. There was even a time when the Jacksons tried to adopt Ms. Johnson.

Then, A.J. claimed that Mr. Jackson was stalking her. Suddenly, a lifestyle she engaged in herself became a problem, and A.J.’s mother claimed that she was “stupid” for letting her daughter visit the Jackson household.

The prosecutors said the proof of Mr. Jackson’s supposed “crimes” was on Facebook. However, our firm founder Perry Craft let the jury know that A.J.s Mother had given Bob Jackson access to her daughter’s Facebook account – and Mr. Craft argued that was not the type of thing a mother would do if she feared for her daughter. And Mr. Craft also introduced a letter to the court, written by A.J., which supported the Jacksons’ bid to adopt her. A.J. backtracked and claimed that the letter was a lie, but in the end it didn’t help her case.

The verdict

We are so happy to report that Mr. Jackson was found not guilty of both felony aggravated stalking charges; the prosecution dropped the coercion charge completely. The jury upheld the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

We’re very, very happy for Mr. Jackson and very proud of our own Mr. Craft. This case show that experience matters.