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People – whether foreigners, visa holders, citizens and their families – find American immigration laws confusing. Because immigration law is complex and hard for most people to understand, they find it overwhelming and nearly impossible to know their options or how to deal with immigration authorities.  The Nashville immigration attorneys at the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC in Nashville, TN, understand. We help people navigate difficult immigration laws so they can look forward to a new chapter in their lives in America. Although movies make immigration look easy, and the news makes it look impossible, neither is true – but you still want the right advice along the way. Whether you’re seeking an adjustment of status, or to obtain or extend a visa, trying to have your family join you in America, visiting family for a special event or seeking out a fresh new start, or you are charged with a crime or face removal or deportation, we can advise you as to your rights even in the most difficult and complex areas of immigration law.

We are here to help. Nashville immigration, business law and criminal defense lawyer Perry Craft will provide you with experienced representation while keeping your best interests and wishes in mind.

We protect the rights of immigrants, non-immigrants, citizens and their families, and employers or employees

There is more to being an immigration law firm than helping you through your citizenship test. At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, we offer you guidance for every need you have. We proudly help:

  • Individuals and Families. At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC, we put individuals and their families first. We help non-citizens come to America or stay here.  We assist people in getting the proper permits to work legally in the U.S. We help people adjust their immigration status in order to stay.  When immigrants and non-citizens face removal or deportation, we will be there.

Many non-citizens have made the long journey to the U.S. and now that they are here, they miss their families and wish to be reunited. We can help applying for the proper visa or completing the proper forms and communicating with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services offices or other immigration authorities. We offer guidance to eligible family members seeking to join their loved ones in the U.S. and help those looking to obtain citizenship.

  • Defending against removal and deportation and people charged with crimes. At times, federal immigration authorities seek to remove or deport immigrants and non-citizens. It is very important that when you receive notice of removal or deportation that you contact the Law Office of Perry A. Craft, PLLC immediately. We must analyze the reasons why immigration officials are trying to force you to leave America and defend you so that you may stay. Once you are removed or if the proceedings have progressed too far, you may lose certain rights and defenses. If you are removed or deported, you may not be able to return or face very difficult hurdles and be forced to wait a long time before trying to return to America. Sometimes, immigrants and non-citizens are charged with crimes. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will try to remove or deport the individual who is arrested, who is charged with a crime, or who pleads guilty to a crime or is convicted of a crime. It is critical that you receive sound legal advice. Certain crimes will result in removal or deportation. That’s why it is absolutely important to talk to an immigration lawyer as soon as possible after you are charged or arrested. We can advise you of your rights and advise as to the courses of action to remain in America as the law allows.
  • Business owners, Entertainers, and Employees. Employers face special regulations for hiring or transferring employees in the United States and throughout the country. We handle all areas of corporate compliance when it comes to ensuring your employees have the documentation they need. At times, an employer must navigate not just with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, but the Department of Labor. We can help you plan ahead. Nashville is home to the Tennessee Titans and country music superstars. If you’re an athlete, a musician, an artist or technical personnel, we ensure that your application for O-1 and H-1B visas are in order. We also help cultural groups in need of P visas.
  • People with other legal problems or immigration crises. Non-citizens and citizens alike face difficult legal challenges. They are charged with crimes, involved in accidents, are facing marriage, family, or financial difficulties, are victims of discrimination, or had their rights violated. We can help. At the same time, non-citizens and immigrants face a wide variety of issues with immigration. Our firm has the knowledge you want when it comes to helping you deal with these problems. We will fight to protect your rights.

Whatever your immigration legal needs are, Attorney Perry A. Craft can help. He is thorough and meticulous in his approach and will work hard to help you.

Why a diverse background in law makes Perry A. Craft the right choice for you

There are many steps to follow to make sure that you have all the required documentation. Attorney Perry A. Craft has more than 35 years of experience helping people meet their legal needs. His background in law and in the courts has made him analytical and precise; he explains every step to take. His experience allows him to look at the difficulties you face and form fresh, new perspectives about ways to help you. His years practicing law, whether family law, criminal law, business law, and more, gives him the practical knowledge to help you with your immigration and other legal needs. Attorney Craft has dedicated his life to protecting employees, personal injury victims, helping employers and those whose civil rights have been violated – and he can protect your rights.

Rely on Nashville’s Perry A Craft for your immigration needs

Whether you’re starting a new life in America, need help with your immigration needs, or creating opportunities for others, you want an immigration lawyer who can help from start to finish. At the Law Office of Perry A. Craft PLLC, we offer you caring counsel and sound plans for moving forward. To schedule a consultation with this respected Nashville lawyer, call 615.239.1899 or fill out our convenient contact form. We make sure that you always have the answers you need.